Wednesday, February 02, 2011
rescue and refuge

"The waters fall.  The wind blows.  The sky rumbles, lightning strikes.  But the refuge is calm.  The storm surrounds but doesn't breach the barrier.  Its presence is know but it can't touch the sheltered.  If You are big enough to move mountains, You are big enough to keep me safe, to protect, to hold, to change.  I'm drowning and I need You to rescue me.  Asking for rescue seems a more accurate analogy than running to You for shelter.  I'm helpless... too weary to run to You.  I need You to run to me.  I've struggled long enough on my own, and it's been nothing but failure.  I'm going under again."

I've been  pondering the idea of God as Rescuer versus God being Refuge.  Neither eliminates the storm or the danger.  Both require waiting for it to pass or for help to arrive.  To call God our Rescuer or our refuge is not to ask Him to still the wind and the waves-- although we would love for that to happen.  The Rescuer endangers His own life for the sake of the one in peril.  The goal is not to eliminate the danger, but to move the victim to safety.  I'm glad my Savior is both.  I need Him to be both.

In this world you will have trouble, but take heart.  [He has] overcome the world.

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