Friday, July 27, 2012
Book Review: Confessions of a Bible Thumper

Confessions of a Bible Thumper is the story of Michael Camp’s faith journey. Part memoir and part espousal of his theological “doctrines” (I seriously doubt he would call his beliefs doctrines, but for the sake of simplicity I use the word.) the book reminded me of the format Brian McLaren used in A New Kind of Christian. That being said, McLaren did a better job of telling a story seamlessly. Camp’s narrative was split between pub conversations and flashback memories, with an emphasis on the flashbacks that were so foundational to the development of his belief system.

Camp asks McLaren (or Rob Bell) type questions and then provides his own answers in a “post modern theology meets Mark Driscoll” kind of way (open-minded condescension). Active participants of the Emergent movement will find the book to be a re-run, and educated conservative evangelicals will have heard all these arguments before (but without Billy Graham being used as support for said arguments). There was a time evangelicals heard these beliefs from those outside the Christian faith; now they are the tenets of fellow believers. This book brings no new controversy to any conversations. Rather it perpetuates the same controversies under a new title.

On a scale of grimace to happy dance, I give it a firm “meh.”

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