Monday, August 20, 2012
Book Review: Hometown Prophet

I have to admit I began the book with some skepticism about Fulmer's background with more "charismatic" churches than I attend. The skepticism was unfounded. I also began the book with a general apprehension toward Christian fiction in general. Jeff Fulmer's book was a pleasant surprise. While I would not consider it "literature" in the truest sense of the word (a la Faulkner or Steinbeck), it was a story that kept me turning pages long after I should have turned off the light and fallen asleep.

Other reviewers have called the book controversial, but (with the exception about our theological positions regarding certain spiritual gifts) I found myself nodding in agreement in regards to the issues Fulmer addressed, especially in light of the recent Pat Robertson statements about international abortion.

At times the book felt more like a primetime drama, with each chapter taking on a similar format to the preceding chapter with only minimal plot connection. But it was a primetime drama I would watch, one that kept me in suspense at the right times and made it difficult to close the book at the end of a chapter.

While I agree with the stand Fulmer makes and the message he presents, I am curious to hear about the conversations the book elicits. I would definitely recommend the book to a friend, with a small disclaimer regarding the slight Pentecostal flavor.

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