Entry: prayer for the Burmasters Monday, January 24, 2011

Okay Jesus,
I'm just gonna say it, since You already know I'm thinking it.  This sucks.  The situation.  The timing.  The weight of it all.  A crisis per month for three months now in one youth group is a bit excessive from my perspective.  I mean, I know You told us we'd have trouble in this world, but this is a lot for one group of teenagers and their parents, ministers and volunteers to handle.  We know You've overcome the world, but we're just plain tired.

So I'm gonna choose to trust that You are good.  I know You know where Mrs. Burmaster is and HOW she is and why she's there.  In Your parables You talked about finding lost sheep and lost coins and lost sons.  Would You please help this lost mom be found and be safe?  Give peace to her family while they wait for a phone call.  Be her refuge and her rescuer, their comforter and guide.

If we've ever needed You, Lord it's now.  We're scared.  We feel helpless.  We're emotionally drained.  Be our Shepherd, our strength.

We found her.  Thank You! :)


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